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Examine and analyse the data of several applications with advanced eCampus applications of Reports and Analytics. It clearly defines and records every step in a digestible way while analytics makes it possible to delve deeper into the data to fill in the gaps. It aids in converting lead conversion rate, click through rate, bounce rate and email opening rate assisting in better conversions.

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Examine & analyse in digestible way

Investigate and analyze now in a digestible way to achieve better conversions and improve the process.

We switched to eCampus because they have provided us with excellent service and support to make transition easy and painless, from platform implementation to internal staff training to learning and much more. They respond quickly to feedback, and are incredibly dedicated to their work. What makes the platform stand out is the many tracking systems at different levels, the customizable views, and the various reports with personalised experience. Being a part of eCampus makes us very happy. We wish them the best of luck in pursuing their goal.

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Use eCampus A2A With All smartly and tightly integrated Tools For the Ultimate Admissions Solution.


create powerful dashboards


Optimize admission and revenue


Manage data and security


Pay less with affordable digitization

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