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What are the features of Admission Management?

Multi- step form

Efficiently manages and simplifies the collection process of information from document to verification, including a hassle-free payment option. With access to dynamic form having a predefined template, you can easily customise it to meet your demands by using the drag and drop selection method, which increases interaction.

Auto- enrollment system

With the support of CRM, an Auto-Enrolment system that was coupled with automation easily and automatically enrolled students, eliminating the manual task and ensuring an efficient and easy enrollment process.

Ticketing System

Through automation, Ticketing System, manages and maintains a list of complaints brought up by the clients. Raised tickets will be updated on the support team board, guaranteeing users lightning-fast query allocation and eliminating the delays.

Reports & analytics

Examine and analyse the data of several applications with advanced eCampus applications of Reports and Analytics. It clearly defines and records every step in a digestible way while analytics makes it possible to delve deeper into the data to fill in the gaps.

Steps to Manage your Admissions


Manage enrollments

To avoid problems, collect all converted enrollments in one place.


Manage every Inquiry

Use our ticketing system to efficiently handle each incoming inquiry and make the session interactive.


Seamless payments

Process your payments on a secure and reliable platform with an automated fee payment system.


Streamline admission management

Your targeted admission is supported by the admission platform, which also guarantees a fast and easy enrollment process.

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