Pre- examination management

Pre-examination management aids in several procedures that must be completed before any exams, such as data setup, faculty information, and course mapping for students. It oversees student eligibility based on attendance, internal evaluations, and other factors, schedules exams, assigns question papers to professors for examination and publishes the results. Pre-examination planning makes the exam fluid and easy to administer, ensuring that no one has any difficulties.

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Manage and conduct exams seamlessly

Manage and conduct exams seamlessly now with Pre-Examination Management. It makes the exam fluid and easy to manage and ensures no one has trouble.

Providing top-notch services and active student participation have long been the top priorities of higher education institutions. The best platform to achieve this in a simple and cost-effective way is eCampus. The digitally interactive platform makes it very easy to connect with staff and students, post exam results, inform students about events, and perform a variety of other university-related tasks with the click of a button.

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